Conversion Driven Life Insurance Quote Paths  For Agents, By Agents

Build The Quote Path You Want To Drive Your Business

Glix Quoter's quote path funnels are web based and allow for you to free yourself from the limiting options offered by other quote tools, agencies and insurance marketing organizations. Make today the day you take control of your path!

Build Your Path       

With drag and drop technology, building your quote path has never been easier. Choose the elements that are important to you and start experimenting.

Conversion Data     

The quotepath stats and distribution stats  allow for a deep dive into the performance of specific quoters, markets and agents. No reason to guess about important metrics.

Compare Group Life

This unique quote path allows you to compare a group plan (if you have the plan info) to the market. When plan info is not available  you can campare against coverage and payment.

Split Testing       

That's right. We have built split testing into the tool. You now can know without a doubt what quote path is performing better by both overall lead volume as well as lead score.

Lead Scoring     

All leads are scored by quote path progression. Lead scores range from a simple widget being filled out (copper), all the way to an application being submitted (platinum).

Lead Validation

No more clogging your CRM with fake email and phone contacts. Email and phone info is validated in real time and only valid contact information is processed by the quote widget.

The Basics
Of Course We Have an Agent Quoter

We couldn't very well name the tool GLIX Quoter without having an agent quoter built in. All the top carriers are available and making custom carrier lists is a breeze. Also, note the option to continue directly to the quotepath. 

The Fun Stuff
Build Your 
Path With Drag-n-Drop !

Finally, full autonomy to build your own quotepath the way you want it. Try different types of paths and different styles. Test them against each other and see what converts the best for you. Never again feel constrained by the tools offered by your IMO or BGA.  Now, get building!

User View
Create An Elegant User Experience  

The point of a quote path is conversions and all the data shows that a pleasant user experience or UX is a vital component to your marketing process.  Creating a path with clear attractive pages and forms will showcase  your professionalism.     

Geek Friendly
Split Testing, Lead Scoring, Analytics...

Once you build your path, you can geek out on the analytic options. You can split test paths,  measure quoter & distribution stats by lead score, and  you can block abusive IP addresses. Note that phone and email validation is built in, so no more clogging your CRM with leads from [email protected] 

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Glixquoter is the next wave in lead generation. In addition to the features you have come to expect like web based real time updates and analytics, GLIX Quoter offers advanced tools like split testing, lead scoring, lead validation. and the ability to compare group plans to the private market.

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