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Upon logging in,  the Leadboard is the entry point to the Glix Quoter. Note the flag to notify you of new leads , phone numbers are click to call, and the light bulb icon leads directly to the quote path. Detailed lead info is availabe with a click of the view icon. 


When we  promised detailed info from the view icon, we were not kidding.

In addition to the basics, you can see the tracking information of your visitor and even block the IP address if your account is being spammed. 

Create  QuotePath 

This is where the fun starts, name your quote path and get started. Note that you can use the data from quotpaths in your library to speed up the process. Simply choose  an existing quotepath and make the desired edits. 


Just drag and drop elements.  Once you have styled the elements the way you'd like, save and copy the code to paste to your site. Any time you update the quotepath it will automatically  update on your site. Now's the time to start building! 

Click to play


Your library of saved quotepaths  resides here. You can easily edit, duplicate , and copy the pastable widget.    

Using duplicate, and then editing, is a great way to speed up the creation process. 


Because you can't improve what you don't measure, the GLIX stat page provides quoter specific conversion metrics.

Leads are scored  based on how far the user proceeded through the quote path.  


Easy Split Testing!

Just name your split test and choose two or three quotepaths from your library of saved quoters and create a  slit test.  The quotepaths will run in an alternating cycle.


Split test results give you a simple high level view of what quote path is winning.

However,  with a click of the view icon, you gat a  deep dive into the test results.


The Split Test View provides a deep dive in to your results, Leads are broken down by conversion rates and lead scoring.

Never again will you have to  guess what is working and what isn't.  

 Distribution Chart

The GLIX Distribution page shows agent lead routing by quotepath. This  fuction shows active and inactive agents and supports lead cycling with most recent and next delivery.  Lead distribution can be edited in the action column.

 Distribution Stats

The GLIX Distribution stats page allows you to measure the performance of individual distribution chanels.  It allows you to set date ranges and take a deeper dive in to agent performance with the view icon.   

 Agent Distibution

Managing Agents?

The GLIX Agent Distribution view provides managerial support by breaking down lead distributions per agent by specific quoter and lead score.  

 Agent Quoter

The GLIX agent quoter  supports both term/GUL and final expense. Additionally,  the carrier lineup can be modified and the agent can proceed directly to the quote path. 


We hope you don't need support, but if you do- we'll be here.  Please write a brief description of the problem you are having and attach a screen video if possible. Screen videos make understanding and resolving issues a much faster process.  



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Glixquoter is the next wave in lead generation. In addition to the features you have come to expect like web based real time updates and analytics, GLIX Quoter offers advanced tools like split testing, lead scoring, lead validation. and the ability to compare group plans to the private market.

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