GLIX Quoter Customizations

Glixpath Technologies supports custom development of the Glix Quoter. If you are interested in building your path in a manner that is not currently supported by a subscription plan, we will build it. This could include building specific carrier applications into the tool, as well as alternative quote paths and landing pages. Custom Development is currently priced at $99/ hr. for the first hour and $59 for the remaining time. ith a mutually  agrred upon cap. Please use a support ticket to order this service.

Speed & Security

Apart from Glix Quoter customizations, Glixpath Technologies offers site speed and security enhancements with monitoring. With this service your GTMetrix  site speed & Security Headers scores will improve dramatically. Additionally, these scores will be monitored for one year with a free premium addition of the Core Vitals Monitor plugin. This service is a bargain at $199. Please use a support ticket to order this service.


Glixquoter is the next wave in lead generation. In addition to the features you have come to expect like web based real time updates and analytics, GLIX Quoter offers advanced tools like split testing, lead scoring, lead validation. and the ability to compare group plans to the private market.

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