Frequently Asked Questions

What is GLIX Quoter

The GLIX Quoter is a multi faceted life insurance quote tool. GLIX is an acronym for Group Life Insurance Exchange. The quote tools allows you to build your own quote path without coding. The paths are built using drag and drop technology.  The quote widget code is simply pasted onto your word press site and  and is automatically updated when any changes arte made.  The leads are distributed as you dictate and GLIXstats are  readily available in the dashboard. The Glix Quoter has a built in agent quoter and supports split testing natively.        

How does GLIX Quoter work?

We have tried to make the GLIX Quoter as intuitive as possible. Additionally, we have included  a brief tutorial on every dashboard tab as well as every quote path and quote path element. Should you get stuck on anything, please reach out to support.

What are the benefits of using GLIX Quoter?

In short, conversion focused quotepaths.

GLIX Quoter is both an agent quoter and a marketing quotepath builder all at once.  With premium features like built in split testing, lead quality scoring, dynamic widgets and the ability to compare employer sponsored plans with the private market, GLIX Quoter is the only product on the market that packs so manny features into one tool.


Glix Quoter pricing questions

Is there an annual pricing discount?  Not currently - stay tuned.

Can I get Premium features like split testing with the Standard plan? No, split testing is reserved for Preferred and Preferred Plus plans.

Are there any refunds? No. GLIX Quoter offers a 14 day free trial with no credit card required. Once a paid plan has started for a month (30 days) there are no pro rata refunds. You can upgrade, downgrade and cancel your plan in the account tab.


How can I customize the GLIX Quoter to fit my needs?

The GLIX quoter path can be customized  any way you'd like as long as the path allows it. For example if the path requires a questionnaire, it must be part of the path in order to save it.  However, if you want to eliminate the application you can. Please contact support if you have any questions that you can't find addressed in the tutorials.

Does GLIX Quoter integrate with my CRM?

The GLIX quoter will distribute leads to an expanding number of insurance CRM's including Vanilla Soft, ZOHO, RadiusBob and more. If you have a CRM without a tutorial for connection, please contact support.


Glixquoter is the next wave in lead generation. In addition to the features you have come to expect like web based real time updates and analytics, GLIX Quoter offers advanced tools like split testing, lead scoring, lead validation. and the ability to compare group plans to the private market.

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